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Obviously you are not satisfied with your current legal counsel for whatever reasons. In order for me to take on your case there are several steps that we must take. The first is to schedule a consultation with me to discuss the particulars of your case. The next step is to contact your current lawyer and file the appropriate paperwork to gain access to all your file and information. Finally notify the courts that there is a change. Then it is time to get down to work on your case.

Claims involving injury as a result of negligence of others. This may be unsafe conditions of property, unsafe products, medical negligence, automobile accidents, etc. This is such a broad topic the bottom line is; if someone in injured as a result of other people, material items, or certain conditions you need to contact me immediately so I may gather evidence as soon as possible. I offer a free consultation to discuss you personal injury claim.

Frequently Asked Questions

The legal system is complicated. It is important that you retain legal counsel to protect your best interest all the way through the legal process. Retaining counsel will ensure you will increase the chances to receive the most favorable outcome in your particular matter. Although the legal system is not a science it is directed and swayed by compelling arguments and previous case precedents. There are many legal services that will prepare the proper legal paperwork for business however they are not attorneys. Contact James Crawford Esq. to discuss you individual legal needs.

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