Published  Opinions & Periodicals

Published Appellate Division opinions in matters involving representation of Plaintiffs

Mirra vs. Holland America Line, Westours Inc. 331 N.J. Super 86, 751 A. 2d 138 (App. Div. 2000)

Lobel vs. Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino 335 N.J. Super 319, 762 A. 2d 305 (App. Div. 2000)

Champion vs. Dunfee, et als 398 N.J. Super 112, 939 A. 2d. 825 certification denied 195 N.J. 420, 949 A. 2d. 849 (2008)

Assisted with the preparation of the following: William S. Bailey­Flawed Justice: "Limitation of Parental Remedies 'for the Loss of Consortium Of Adult Children" Seattle University Law Review- Volume 27, Number 4- provided background and analysis of the case of Green vs. Bittner for the author's use in the section entitled: "The Economic Value Of Children To Aging Parents"

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